East West Design Group is a Pasadena, California-based company that is dedicated to providing cost effective web solutions and services for small to medium sized businesses (SMBs). We work directly with our clients and their budgets to help find a solution that will meet their needs and convey their desired message.

East West designers work hard to ensure that your site reflects your business philosophy. East West programmers use their vast knowledge of various web technologies to create a unique user experience and customized application.

We specialize in designing flexible web sites with emerging technologies in mind, whether visitors interact with their devices via voice, touch, keyboard or mouse command. We focus on the user experience, making sure a site’s design really works for all visitors, thereby maximizing an organization’s exposure on the web.


Visually charging your story to achieve your business objectives is an art. Success is ultimately measured by your site’s ability to engage visitors and encourage repeat visitations. We believe that strategically balancing web design and functionality to emphasize your message is imperative to your organization’s success.


Our web development strategy ensures that your website is customized to meet your business goals and your customer’s needs. We incorporate a content management system into your site allowing you to easily and continually update your information. Your customers will always be able to locate what they need when they need it.


We believe that there is more to your brand than your logo. Your image is important and your brand should reflect transparency that allows your customers to see your organization’s personality. A strong brand embraces individuality while still adhering to your business principles.


Similar to traditional marketing, online marketing is all about consistency and reaching an audience. Your website can be your organization’s hardest working salesman, operating 24/7. We will work with you to create an online atmosphere that is inviting and appeals to a wide variety of clientele.


Any number of impediments can hinder a visitor’s experience at your site. We believe that all visitors, no matter where they are or what device they are using, should be able to easily locate and access your content. We design each site to meet government requirements for disabled access, making sure your content is available to all visitors. Furthermore, we insist on testing and auditing as an ongoing measure to ensure your site is successful in reaching its intended audience.


We recognize that not every organization requires a large, expensive re-design, but, perhaps, a simple tune-up or usability review. We don’t mind sitting down with you and sharing our thoughts on your site’s usability, design, functionality or performance. We often meet with clients to discuss ways to improve their online presence. We can show you how to continually measure success and identify what needs refining.